We took the boys to the San Diego Zoo to check out some big apes. Even though we were only at the Zoo about an hour they had a blast. Having annual passes to the Zoo is going to be a lot of fun.





Gavin was up bright and early for his 5th birthday. He was quite excited it was his birthday and that I took the day off to have fun with him.


Gavin wanted to see the polar bear for his birthday. We saw some other animals and bears while we were hiking to the back of the zoo where the polar bears live.


Gavin wanted to eat his favorite food, pizza, for his birthday. So we had everyone over to La Bella’s for pizza and games. Gavin discovered his love of air hockey. He also loved his Dodger birthday cake.


Connor practicing at being a ninja.


Congratulations to my cousin Kayla and her new husband Eleazar!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. My brother flew in from New York so it was also nice to spend the weekend catching up with him. The boys had a blast playing with Uncle Nick and all their other family.


We kicked off the day by opening presents in the morning. Connor is really into Mickey Mouse so he was excited to get lots of fun stuff with Mickey on it.

Next we went to the San Diego Zoo. Connor requested to see bears, so we checked out the panda and black bears.

We finished off the night with birthday cupcakes. We weren’t sure he would like them (our boys don’t eat much sweets) but he ate 2 of them. He was exhausted at the end of the day so he did his birthday right.



We took a stroll around the San Diego Zoo to check out the newly opened Australian Outback exhibit. We said hi to some of our favorite animal friends while we were at it.


Our friend Jennifer Weaver talked a bunch of her friends into trying one of her favorite hobbies for her birthday party: rock climbing. I’m surprised I actually made it to the top without having a heart attack. It was a blast!


Checking out some animals at the San Diego County Fair. The heat and the stink of animal poo almost made me think I was back in Bakersfield.


Back in Bakersfield for a very hot 4th of July. The heat at 9pm (still over 100 degrees) and the smoke from the fireworks were not a nice combo.