By Aliciana:

It’s hard to believe that our beautiful boy is already two years old. We had a pizza party with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Ladd. Pizza is Gavin’s favorite food and he ate two whole pieces. He didn’t leave much room for Great Grandma’s yummy homemade cake (or our less yummy store bought cake).


Gavin was up bright and early for his 5th birthday. He was quite excited it was his birthday and that I took the day off to have fun with him.


Gavin wanted to see the polar bear for his birthday. We saw some other animals and bears while we were hiking to the back of the zoo where the polar bears live.


Gavin wanted to eat his favorite food, pizza, for his birthday. So we had everyone over to La Bella’s for pizza and games. Gavin discovered his love of air hockey. He also loved his Dodger birthday cake.



Connor’s wish for a Plex robot birthday party came true.


After spending a few days in the Seattle area, we headed back to my parent’s house in Beaverton, OR to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was nice to get to have a family birthday with the moss covered Ladd clan up in the great Pacific Northwest.


The Ladd clan celebrated the 93rd birthday of their matriarch, Marjorie Ladd, A.K.A. Grandma.

Unfortunately, my wife and boys had to head back down to San Diego before the party at P.F. Chang’s, because Gavin had school the next day. I got to stay in Bakersfield a few extra days because they needed me on-site at work.


Gavin has an early morning baseball game. Then we headed over to his Grandma and Grandpa Loera’s house for his 7th birthday party, complete with pizza and baseball piƱata.