We didn’t let the rain stop us from walking around all of downtown Montreal. On our exploration we found a piece of the Berlin Wall.


Montreal’s “Space For Live” contains 5 museums: the Biodome containing different ecosystems, a planetarium, a giant botanical garden, an insectarium, and the Biosphere which covers environmental issues. We saw them all!


We started off with a tour of La Citadelle, which was built to protect Canada from a possible invasion by the USA. Then we spent the rest of the day exploring the beautiful old town, including the Ch√Ęteau Frontenac and Rue du Petit-Champlain.


The Maine wilderness welcomed us back into the USA on our way to Boston. We stopped for a hike in the rain to see Moxie Falls, before continuing on to see the Maine State House in Augusta.


We saw so much history as we walked all over the downtown Boston area. Our day started off at the USS Constitution, one of the first 6 ships built for the US Navy, which is still on active duty. Then we climbed the 294 steps all the way to the top of the Bunker Hill monument. In the museum across the street, we learned all about the battle, which was the first real battle of the Revolutionary War.

Along a 1.5 mile walk, we visited Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, and the Old South Meeting House, all places where history was made during the Revolutionary War. We wandered around Boston Commons and downtown before having dinner in the Green Dragon Tavern, where Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and other Patriots hung out. On the walk back to our car, we walked past Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church, where the lanterns were hung to worn Charlestown that the British were coming.


Today we went on a day trip to explore Connecticut. We visited the State House in Hartford and the Connecticut State Museum that was across the street. Then we drove to New Haven and walked around Yale University. After a good pizza dinner across from the university, we headed back to Hartford to watch a Yard Goats minor league baseball game.


We explored most of Rhodes Island, first visiting the Providence and walking around their capitol. Then we has a nice drive through Newport, viewing the beautiful New England coast and some giant mansions.

Then we headed back into Massachusetts to visit Plymouth Rock. It was much smaller than I expected, and might not have been the original rock. Then we drove all the way up Cape Cod and had dinner in Provincetown. The boys tried a lobster roll and enjoyed it.


It was amazing to walk the same ground where the Revolutionary war began in our country. We visited Lexington Battle Green then headed to the Minute Man National Historic Park, where we learned about the British march to Concord. You could really live the history, walking along the trail and viewing the historic buildings and monuments.

We finished our day by driving to Salam for dinner. Then we drove around Marblehead and up the New England coast, all the way to Rockport.


There was so much cool baseball history on display in the ballpark. We did a complete loop around the stadium, including taking in the view from up top of the Green Monster. The Red Sox came back and ended up winning the game, with a final score of 4 to 3.


Our drive through Vermont and New Hampshire was nearly ruined by a massive storm, but we pushed through. What we could see of the countryside through the clouds and rain was gorgeous.

We managed to visit the both State Houses in Concord, NH and Montpelier, VT, which were closed because of the storm. But, the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, VT was open, where we visited the Flavor Graveyard and had some ice cream. Then we drive around Burlington, VT and took a look at Lake Champlain before driving back to Boston.


Before catching out plane to fly back to San Diego, we learned about the history of Massachusetts. On display in the museum was one of the 13 original copies of the Declaration of Independence, as well as an engraving plate Paul Revere made of the Boston Massacre. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow you to take photos of either.

After the museum, we took one final walk along the Boston harbor before heading to the airport.


The Autry was an interesting mix of art and historical exhibits about the American West. We learned some things and just had fun wandering around the exhibits.


We had some fun but liked Knott’s Soak City better. Hurricane Harbor was more crowded and someone stole Gavin’s flip-flops!