We just got back from a wonderful evening of great food, company, and fireworks. All the Ladd clan migrated to my Grandpa and Grandma Ladd’s house for dinner and festivities. Most my relatives made the event and it was nice to see everyone. We ate some great hamburgers cooked by my Grandpa and then enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show on the front lawn. We are already reaping the benefits of living back in Bakersfield and are looking forward to many more family parties.


Aliciana and I drove to Redlands for the day to spend Christmas Day with her side of the family. The little ones were very excited and hyper.









We decided to open our gifts from the Seattle Ladd/Quan clan before heading out tomorrow to San Diego. Gavin enjoyed opening his book and shirts. Aliciana got some rubber stamps and a photo holder which she will surely put to good use soon.

I was gifted with a new book “Building Scalable Web Sites” which I have had my eye on for a while. I am looking forward to starting it once I finish “Programming Collective Intelligence“. Yes Jessie, I am quite a geek. Also got a penguin ornament to add to the tree.

Some photos below of Gavin enjoying his first Christmas presents. I got some crappy green lens flares on the last few photos that otherwise look pretty cool. Nick, any idea how I can prevent this suckage in the future? Was it the UV filter I had on the lens? Or was it because I was shooting 800 ISO and the Christmas tree has tons of lights? I really need to get a book on photography… I can’t blame ruining perfect shots on my camera anymore.



Of course, Gavin had more fun with the paper grass in the basket than with his new book or the rabbit his Grandma Toni and Grandpa Rick gave him. The things that make the most mess are always the most fun.



My son Gavin (Duck), my little brother AJ (Thomas The Train), and my little sister Michaela (Princess) are all dressed up and ready to get some candy.