We took a stroll around the San Diego Zoo to check out the newly opened Australian Outback exhibit. We said hi to some of our favorite animal friends while we were at it.


Our friend Jennifer Weaver talked a bunch of her friends into trying one of her favorite hobbies for her birthday party: rock climbing. I’m surprised I actually made it to the top without having a heart attack. It was a blast!


Checking out some animals at the San Diego County Fair. The heat and the stink of animal poo almost made me think I was back in Bakersfield.


Back in Bakersfield for a very hot 4th of July. The heat at 9pm (still over 100 degrees) and the smoke from the fireworks were not a nice combo.


My two boys, little brother and little sister had a blast in Grandma’s inflatable pool.


We took the boys to the San Diego Botanic Garden to check out the Insect Festival. There were big lizards, tiny bugs and beautiful plants all around.


The boys love going to Westfield UTC, a local mall close by in La Jolla. The shopping center has a great playground for little kids.


We voyaged way up into the mountains east of San Diego to the little historic town of Julian. We showed the boys all the old stuff in the pioneer museum (they weren’t that impressed) and then wandered around the town. The family and I finished off our day with some BBQ at Bailey’s for dinner.


The boys love seeing animals. This time we went on a safari tour of African animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.