My boys love to explore the Natural History Museum.


My family and I have visited theNat to see the special exhibit “Animals: Machines In Motion”. The boys had a lot of fun learning about how the bodies of various animals have adapted and work.

We learned a lot about teeth, how animals fly, and how a giraffe’s heart can pump blood all the way up to its head. We also marveled at the size of Sue, the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton yet found.


We spent a nice lazy Saturday at Balboa Park. First, we explored a new collection at the Nat. The had all sorts of stuff from their archives on display.

Next, we decided to get some fresh air, so we headed over to the beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden. It was so peaceful among the koi fish and waterfalls.


We started off the afternoon looking at some beautiful gems on display in the Nat’s new minerals exhibit. Then we went up to the roof to check out the view, which was open to the public for the holiday week.

Next, we headed across the plaza to the Fleet, to play with electromagnetism. The boys learned how a telegraph works and practiced their Morse code skills.


For the first time since before the pandemic, we went to some indoor museums at Balboa Park. Our first stop was the newly reopened Mingei International Museum, and then we visited one of our favorites, the Natural History museum.


The new Expedition Baja exhibit taught us about our neighbor to the south. Then we said hello to all the animals in the Living Lab.