Blowing the boys’ minds with science at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Science!!!


The Reuben H. Fleet has a great new exhibit about stem cells the boys really enjoyed learning from. Maybe they will grow up to be scientists?


We had a fun day at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center exploring their new Science Fiction, Science Future exhibit.

I particularly liked the simulated hologram display and an accompanying exhibit of classic science fiction novels, by some of my favorite authors like William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Arthur C. Clarke. Gavin enjoyed the robot head that mimicked your facial expressions and Connor had fun drawing a robot.

Towards the end of the exhibit they have a simulated teleporter, like in Star Trek, which we all tried out. Connor tells us nearly weekly he wishes we had a teleporter so we wouldn’t need to drive places.


Our boys had lots of fun exploring the various experiment stations during the Impossible Science Festival at the Fleet Science Center. Their favorite was running across the pool of Oobleck, a mixture of water and corn starch. They ran across it many times… getting it everywhere in the process when they weren’t quick enough.


We got to see “The Art of the Brick“, a special exhibit at the Fleet showcasing the work of artist Nathan Sawaya. All the pieces were made with Lego bricks, which blew the boys’ minds. Of course, after getting inspired they had to stop by the hands on section where they could make their own Lego creations.


We headed to the Fleet Science Center to explore optical illusions and walk though a new interactive exhibit about Sherlock Holmes.


We started off the afternoon looking at some beautiful gems on display in the Nat’s new minerals exhibit. Then we went up to the roof to check out the view, which was open to the public for the holiday week.

Next, we headed across the plaza to the Fleet, to play with electromagnetism. The boys learned how a telegraph works and practiced their Morse code skills.


Experimenting with foam satellites and playing with science at the Fleet.


We stopped and smelled the roses in the giant garden across the street from the Fleet. Then we continued on to the Fleet for a fun afternoon of science.


I’m not so sure it is ice skating when you are just sliding on very hard plastic, but it was just as tough to do as I imagine ice would be. The skates were real, and it certainly didn’t seem like the easiest form of locomotion.


The Fleet had a new fun exhibit we explored. We now know how to survive lots of crazy situations, like jumping off of a roof into a dumpster.