Connor’s wish for a Plex robot birthday party came true.


Disney California Adventure is an amazing place. I’m not sure if it is more fun than the original Disneyland but the atmosphere, from Radiator Springs to the California Sierra Nevada mountains, is mind-blowing. If I were rich and retired, I would just spend all day walking around and enjoy the feeling of being in another world.

This trip we decided to eat at Arial’s Grotto. It was much more expensive than I expected but at least the food was very good. The boys didn’t enjoy the ‘meet every princess’ experience but a little girl would have been in heaven.


We spent the afternoon visiting the Sumatran tigers at the new Tiger Trail at San Diego Safari Park. The park did a beautiful job on the exhibit and the tigers seemed to be really comfortable in their new digs. My monkeys enjoyed crawling on the new toys that are part of the new park area.


Connor really loved the “robot children” of It’s a Small World. We ended up going on the ride 3 times. I loved that the ride was nice and cool.

He also could have spent all day looking at Iron Man’s suits and watching the Honda Asimo show. It really was a day of robot dreams for Connor.

I could see Connor becoming a real life Iron Man… or at least a robotics engineer.


Gavin’s kindergarten class put on a performance for all the dads. It included a variety of songs, skits, and jokes performed by the students. Bravo!

He also got to take home a giant box filled with all his kindergarten projects and memories. So much cool stuff that I’m sure we will treasure as he grows up.


Another childhood milestone for my little man… loosing his first tooth. He is growing up so fast.

We told him to put the tooth under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy would take it and leave some money. That totally freaked him out. He was not cool with the idea of some strange creature sneaking into his room while he slept and swiping something that was under his pillow.

The only way we got him to go to sleep was to explain that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real. It was just a game that parents played with their kids. We swore to him that nothing would be sneaking into his room while he slept.

My little guy is just too smart for his own good. Or, looking at it from a positive viewpoint, he has a very mature and rational grip on the world around him.