The boys love seeing animals. This time we went on a safari tour of African animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


Wishing the animals a happy new year at the San Diego Safari Park.



We spent the afternoon visiting the Sumatran tigers at the new Tiger Trail at San Diego Safari Park. The park did a beautiful job on the exhibit and the tigers seemed to be really comfortable in their new digs. My monkeys enjoyed crawling on the new toys that are part of the new park area.


The boys have inherited my love of goats. Although, I think I still want a goat more than they do.


We decided to check out The Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns, which was setup at in the San Diego Safari Park’s parking lot. There were a lot of impressively carved pumpkins but I don’t think we will be going back next year. It was very overpriced and there were way too many people there.

It was difficult getting photos because of the lighting, but I managed to get a few to come out sharp enough.


Connor and I had some one-on-one time together at the Safari Park. I was too busy trying to keep track of Connor to take many photos (it was just me and him) but we had a blast exploring the park together.


We visited the Safari Park to try to get a peak at the three new tiger cubs. But, it was unbelievably hot and humid. The cubs were smart and hid in the shade of the bushes. We were only able to get a few glimpses of the bigger tigers trying to keep cool.


Of all the times we have been to the Safari Park, we had never hiked up to the Bonsai Pavilion. So, after a stop off to see the tigers, we continued all the way up the hill to see the little trees. We also took a stroll though the Epiphyllum House, Baja Garden, and Nativescapes Garden.

The 3rd photo below was taken by Connor, and the 4th by Gavin. That’s why they are from a little lower perspective.


Gavin was busy at a birthday party, so Connor and I went out together to the Safari Park. We watched the new baby tiger cubs get fed. It was World Rhino Day, so we made sure to go say hello to them. We also spent some time with the goats, brushing them. A big woolly sheep wanted in on the brush action too.