Some photos of the cute new baby giraffe at the San Diego Zoo. I believe she is 8 weeks old in these photos.



The giant Galápagos tortoises were amazing. Some of the ones that we saw were well over 100 years old!


My sister and her family were in San Diego on summer vacation. We all had a fun day seeing the animals at the zoo.

Friendly zoo penguin:


While we weren’t at the zoo very long, we did get to see a cute baby gerenuk and a very bored looking polar bear. I also got to say ‘hi’ to one of my favorite animals: capybaras.


We met Aliciana’s sister Kristel and all her monkeys at the zoo. Their cousin Xavi was in town, so they decided to show him the world famous animals.

The highlight of the trip was the baby hippo, who was swimming circles with her mom. Connor busted up when the baby kept trying to bite her mom’s butt.


It had been months since we had visited the San Diego Zoo, so we were excited to get to go back and say ‘hi’ to all our animal friends. Now that the baseball season is done and summer is almost here, we should have lots of opportunities to hang with the wild animals.


We went to the zoo to see the new parts of the Africa Rocks section, but it turned out that they didn’t have many more animals on display. I think all the animals were getting acclimated to their new homes. We did manage to see a few honey badgers and some vervet monkeys.


We visited the koalas and then wandered around the new Africa Rocks section of the zoo until the sun went down. Once it was dark, we got to enjoy all the Christmas lights and decorations that lit up the park for the holidays, part of their annual “Jungle Bells” celebration.


The boys had the day off of school (actually, the get off all week), so I took the day off too. We ended up going to the Zoo, and hung out most of the time in the Africa Rocks section.


The 1st grade classes got to go on a field trip to the San Diego Zoo. I helped out as a chaperone, and managed to not lose any of the kids I was in charge of.


Nick and Jessie were in town, and the boys had a blast showing them our awesome zoo.


During the holidays, the Zoo celebrates with Jungle Bells, where it decorates with light displays and remains open late so visitors can enjoy them.

The animals were all asleep once the sun went down, so there wasn’t much to see besides the lights, but it was an interesting experience.

I’m amazed any of my photos turned out, because I was shooting in the dark with no flash.