My father-in-law Eddie wanted to take all his grandkids to Knott’s Berry Farm to celebrate his birthday. Most of the Loera clan was able to make it.


We went up to Knott’s Berry Farm to check out all the Christmas festivities and see Snoopy On Ice. The show was very entertaining and the boys loved all the rides, as usual.




We visited Knott’s Berry Farm in order to see Snoopy On Ice. The program and all the festive decorations are a nice way to get into the holiday season. Eddie and Sally were able to come along and share in the fun.


The boys hadn’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm since they were much younger, so we felt it was time to visit again. They whole park was decorated beautifully for Christmas.


We spent a full 3 days at Knott’s Berry Farm, riding the rides, figuring out what a boysenberry tastes like, and standing in lots and lots of lines.


We had a fun day riding the water slides and floating down the lazy river.


Courtney and her family were in Southern California for a summer vacation, so we were able to spend a fun day with them at Knott’s Berry Farm. The boys had a blast hanging out with their aunt, uncle, and cousins. Little Braelyn is quite the adrenaline junkie!


Another fun day hanging out at Knott’s Berry Farm.


We started off by taking a look inside Independence Hall, an exact brick-for-brick replica of the original in Philadelphia. Then we headed into the park, which was extremely busy. We still managed to get on some of our favorite rides, such as the Sierra Sidewinder. The boys ate some boysenberry treats before we headed home.


In addition to all the rides, we saw “The Gift of the Magi, 1885” at the Bird Cage theater. But the highlight of the night was Snoopy’s Night Before Christmas, the new ice skating show.


We rung in the New Year freezing in the rain at Knott’s Berry Farm. It didn’t rain too much while the sun was up, and the park was very empty, so we got to ride on lots of rides. Our friends Jeanette and Niko joined us for part of the day.

Luckily, it was warm and dry inside where we watched two shows, first Snoppy On Ice and later a funny comedian magician named Chipper Lowell.

The rain was coming down hard for the last few hours before midnight, but the awesome fireworks show made it worth it.