Disney California Adventure is an amazing place. I’m not sure if it is more fun than the original Disneyland but the atmosphere, from Radiator Springs to the California Sierra Nevada mountains, is mind-blowing. If I were rich and retired, I would just spend all day walking around and enjoy the feeling of being in another world.

This trip we decided to eat at Arial’s Grotto. It was much more expensive than I expected but at least the food was very good. The boys didn’t enjoy the ‘meet every princess’ experience but a little girl would have been in heaven.


It was a cold and drizzly day when we woke up to head north to Disney California Adventure. But, there must have been some Disney magic going on, because although there were rain and clouds all around the park, directly overhead there was sunshine. We managed to avoid the rain the entire day.

We went on nearly every ride, including the epic Radiator Springs Racers. The boys even got to try zip-lining in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. I was impressed by Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, where you sit in robotic cars that dance around together to choreographed musical numbers.

Gavin convinced me to go on the Grizzly River Run because you could walk straight on. Sane people didn’t want to go on it because it was too cold. We got an entire raft to ourselves, sitting across from each other. Because I weighed more than Gavin, I ended up going back-first down each drop, getting drenched every time. Gavin laughed harder than I’ve ever seen… but I do have to admit it was pretty funny. I was wet for hours after.

Connor’s birthday wish came true, when we got to meet Spider-Man and get his autograph. They say to never meet your heroes, but Spider-Man seemed to be a pretty cool dude!


Eddie and Sally took the entire Loera clan to Disney California Adventure to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Everyone had a blast! Besides riding great rides like Radiator Springs Racers, the kids also got to meet Captain America, walk around with Thor while he searched for Loki, and train to be agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Disney photographers also took lots of photos throughout our fun day. In the last group photo, they managed to capture all 17 of us looking at the camera: