We started our day off by driving north to Cheyenne, Wyoming. The State Capitol there was closed for renovation, so we could only look at it from the outside. Close by was the Wyoming State Museum, where the boys got to learn more than they would ever want to know about the history, animals, and resources of the state.

Once we were done in Cheyenne, we drove east to Kimball, Nebraska. None of us had ever been to Nebraska, so we got to experience the wide open spaces filled with nothing for the first time. At Kimball we turned South, and drove through the Pawnee National Grasslands.

Our plan was to get out and hike some trails, but we didn’t see any point of interest signs until we had almost driven through the entire area. We finally saw a sign for the “Pawnee Buttes” so we decided to explore. It ended up taking 60 minutes of driving down unpaved roads, further into the middle of nowhere, until we finally got to the buttes. We got out and walked around a bit, enjoying the views and feeling like the only people for hundreds of miles. In fact, we almost ran out of gas trying to get back to civilization, so it was quite an adventure.