Gavin and his 2nd grade classmates put on an excellent program. You could really tell how hard they practiced their songs, the choreography they performed while singing, and small speaking parts in between each song.

Gavin was center in the 2nd row, in front of so many parents that it was difficult to even get photos of the event above everyone’s heads. I asked him if he was nervous up in front of so many people, and he said he wasn’t, not even a little bit. He definitely doesn’t get that from me, maybe he is a natural performer?

The evening turned a little sad for a moment, when it was announced that Mrs. Hiel, Gavin’s beloved 2nd grade teacher, would be leaving Turtleback at the end of the school year. She is going to be teaching at nearby Design39Campus. She had spent her entire teaching career, all 18 years, at Turtleback, so there were lots of former students and parents who were sad to see her go.

A video of one of the songs they sang: