Gavin won an honorable mention for his science fair project about gravity. Good job Bub!


It was opening day for Little League. Gavin is in the “Single A” level again this year, and on a new team. Most of his team from last year moved up to “Double A”, where he will join them next year.

Aliciana got up bright and early to take a few photos of the opening day ceremony. Then we were all on hand later in the day to watch Gavin’s first game.


There were beautiful sights to see at the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. There was a ton of people there but, once we found parking, the beautiful trees were worth it.


Aliciana took some photos at Connor’s first soccer practice. He is so excited to play soccer and had a blast! The little boys got to pick their team name: Go Ninja Tigers!




Aliciana was on hand to take some photos of an Apex Fun Run rally at Turtleback.


I was busy working but Aliciana was at the game to cheer on Gavin and take a few photos.



Photos of the kids running in the Apex Fun Run, taken by Aliciana.

Thank you for all the support and donations given to Gavin! This year’s Fun Run was a huge success for Turtleback Elementary and will allow them to resurface their track, which is sorely needed.