We were up in the Pacific Northwest so the boys can hang out with their grandparents, their Aunt Courtney and her family, and AJ and Michaela.

The first full day we were in Portland we caught a Hillsboro Hops minor league baseball game. It was record breaking hot, with the field temperature measuring 102°. The field was artifical turf, so it must have been like being in an oven for the players.

We only made it through half the game before we needed to retreat back to my parent’s house.


We headed up to Seattle from Portland to catch a Seattle Mariners game. “King” Félix Hernández pitched a beautiful game and the Mariners ended up pounding the Blue Jays, winning 11 – 1.

Before the game we walked around the downtown area surrounding the stadiums and I showed the boys the building where I worked for Amazon.

This was the 5th Major League stadium we have seen a game at: Dodger Stadium, Petco Park (Padres), Angel Stadium, Chase Field (Diamondbacks), and Safeco Field (Mariners).


We drove around Mercer Island to show Gavin the beautiful island where he lived the first 3 months of his life. Then we played a bit at Luther Burbank Park, on the north shore of the island, so the boys could enjoy a beautiful day.


After our visit to Mercer Island, we continued about 30 minutes east to Snoqualmie Falls. I think it was the first large waterfall the boys had seen and they were amazed by it. It is such a beautiful piece of nature; if you are ever in the Seattle area you should make the trip out to the falls.


After spending a few days in the Seattle area, we headed back to my parent’s house in Beaverton, OR to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was nice to get to have a family birthday with the moss covered Ladd clan up in the great Pacific Northwest.


My family and I out for a stroll along the downtown waterfront of Portland, OR.


If you are ever in the area of Tillamook, OR, which is about a hour west of Portland, I recommend going to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. They have an interesting self-guided tour about the cheese making progress, free cheese sampling, and an awesome ice cream counter.



The kids enjoyed the annual Big Truck Day in Beaverton, OR.