So, yesterday I became a year older. Well, technically I became 1 day older but custom tells us we should only celebrate once a year, on the day we were born. But, as I grow older, the celebrating seems to become less important.

I don’t feel like I am 26 years old, it seems like I was just turning 20. Paradoxically, I proposed to Aliciana one year ago, on my 25th birthday, but that feels like it took place eons ago. It is funny how specific events feel like they happened long ago and abstract ideas feel like they happened yesterday. I guess it is much easier for the mind to recall abstract feelings than particular points in time. But, I digress.

I had a nice birthday dinner at a restaurant in town called Mexicali. They have beautiful Christmas decorations this time of year so it is always nice to get to eat amongst them. We then came back to the apartment for birthday chocolate and peanut butter brownies, which Aliciana baked for me, and watched a movie. A nice, relaxing, and calm birthday… just like old people are suppose to be. 😉


  1. Happy belated birthday, Chris. How’d you enjoy your monkey card? (Nick picked it out) Glad to hear you got to spend your birthday with Aliciana. Another year older, huh? Careful…before you know it, you guys’ll be hitting the dreaded 30. HEEHEE. Age is just a silly number anyway. Love from us here in sLo =)

    Comment by Jessie — 12/7/2004 @ 12:31 pm

  2. I loved the monkey birthday card! It has a place of honor in the living room. 🙂

    Comment by Chris — 12/7/2004 @ 12:46 pm

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m glad I get to grow old with you. At least I’ll still look young and you will look like an old geezer. Hee Hee. Love you.

    Comment by Aliciana — 12/7/2004 @ 9:47 pm