Well, Aliciana and I are finally starting to feel recovered from our recent trip up the west side of our beautiful country. Our trip ended up taking 6 days in all. We learned several valuable lessons on this trip, the most important one being to never drive more than 4 hours a day on vacation if you expect to enjoy yourself.

The first day of our travels we drove 9 hours from Bakersfield to Medford, Oregon. This was a major mistake. We finished up the rest of the drive to Seattle the next day, only a 5 hour drive. By the time we got to my friend Ryan’s apartment, we were completely exhausted! We ended up spending the whole trip in a state of exhaustion, which kinda ruined the trip, but we still managed to have some fun.

Our original plan was to spend 3 nights at Ryan’s apartment, but after 2 long days of driving we were already itching to call off the vacation and go home. Then we saw Ryan’s apartment in person and I decided there was no way I was going to be able to spend more than one night there. I am very grateful to Ryan for offering us his floor, but his apartment is the smallest apartment I have ever seen. There are a couple of pictures of how Aliciana, Ryan, Ryan’s friend Dave, and I all managed to squeeze into it.

The next night I decided to try to salvage what we could of this trip and booked a room at the Hampton Inn which is just one block away from the Space Needle. We spent the rest of the day walking around the University of Washington, Downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square, and the Seattle Underground. The Seattle Underground Tour was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is ever visiting Seattle! I will blog about the tour more tomorrow.

For our trip home we changed our plans and took 3 days to make the drive. It was easier with the mileage spread out but still very exhausting. We spent the night in Eugene, Oregon and Redding, California. Along the trip home we stopped at the State Capitol of Washington in Olympia. We also saw the State Capitol of Oregon on the way to Seattle.

Overall, we had a good time. We got to see a lot of the country we hadn’t seen on our first trip up there. But I highly doubt we will ever do that drive again. Next time we go to Seattle we will fly.