We are finally recovering from graduation weekend. First off, I want to say: “Congratulations Aliciana! I am so proud of you!” Aliciana graduated last Saturday with a Bachelors in Business with a concentration in Accounting. She also received a Minor in Philosophy. By the time the graduation started, there were 27 people who came to watch her. These people included her parents, my parents, her grandparents, my grandparents, her sisters, my brother and sister, and her uncle and family. It was quite a large group!

There was actually two graduation ceremonies. The first one was for all the students graduating from every college. It was a nice ceremony, only about 1.5 hours long, and included some good speakers. The second ceremony was just for the college of business. All they did was read everyone’s name and hand out fake diplomas. It was complete chaos, you would think that the business school would be organized, but we still ended up being able to see Aliciana walk across the stage.

After the ceremonies we all went to Round Table Pizza to celebrate. We ended up taking over half the restaurant. My family and Aliciana’s family got to talk with each other and get to know each other, which was nice. Everyone went back to our apartment after dinner for ice cream and cake. It was amazing that we were able to fit everyone in our apartment… it was quite cozy.

My side of the family left Sunday afternoon after we had lunch with them. Aliciana’s parents and grandparents stayed until Monday so we got to hang around with them and have some good meals. Overall, it was a very fun and very exhausting weekend. It was nice to have our families meet each other before our wedding in a year. Now that we are sorta recovered, we have to start packing and move to Bakersfield.