Aliciana and I spent most of the weekend in Bakersfield. We were there to celebrate Brock and Mandy’s wedding, which was beautiful. They had an evening wedding in Scott and Lisa Davis’s gorgeous backyard. The ceremony was very touching, including a special presentation by Brock to Brianne, Mandy’s daughter, promising to love her and to form a loving family. After the ceremony, the rest of the evening was filled with music and the usual wedding festivities.

The wedding was attended by our entire group of friends and it was great to hang out with everyone and catch up. In addition to our friends, the wedding was attended by Brock and Mandy’s families and family friends. There was around 60 people in attendance overall, so the evening was a small but intimate event. I was even given the honor to drive the newlyweds to their hotel after the party, which I was more than happy to do.

The joy experienced by all in attendance makes me wish that my own wedding wasn’t still a year away. I hope my own special day is filled with as much love and happiness as Brock and Mandy’s was. I hope that their union is filled with unending love, joy, and excitement. In the words of Ryan’s toast, may your marriage be as long as this pennido!