It was a long hike to the top of one of the area’s tallest mountains, but the views were worth it. A gopher welcomed us at the very top.


Connor needed a box for his Valentine’s Day party, and ended up building a really cool aquarium. There was a hidden section in the back, with a slot on top to deposit the Valentine’s Day cards.


We spent the first full day of our time on the Central Coast exploring the tide pools and beach rocks of Moonstone Beach by Cambria. Then we headed further up Highway 1 and took a short hike to Salmon Falls.


Hanging out in downtown San Luis Obispo, looking for some books and checking out the mission.


Our boys had quite the view during lunch, from up top of Bishop Peak. You could see all the way to the ocean.


We gave fishing a try off the Pismo pier, but it was freezing code with seriously strong gusts. The only thing biting was the seaweed. So, we went and visited the butterflies instead.


On the way back down to San Diego, we stopped by Solvang for lunch and a walk around. Then went to Santa Barbara and walked on their pier.