Poor Connor was sick and had to miss the run. I stayed home with him so Aliciana could still go help, and take a few photos of Gavin sweating. I still don’t understand how Fun and Run can go together.

Thank you to all the family and friends who donated to the boys! Turtleback Elementary raised a lot of money to fund their science programs and technology improvements.


Both boys had 8am games, at different sports fields, so we had to split our coverage. I saw Connor’s first game, but had to miss Gavin’s, so it was his turn for me to spectate.

Gavin spent the game playing 3rd base and right field. He got a walk, 3 stolen bases (including home), and a single. He didn’t get to pitch this game, but he has 3 games next week, so I’m sure his arm will get a work out soon.


We took a peaceful stroll among the cherry blossoms at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park.


I was busy doing pitch count duties during Gavin’s game, but was able to get a lot of good shots while Connor’s team played.

Connor and Gavin were both lucky enough to get their buddies Josh and Justin on their teams, who are also brothers. During Connor’s games, Justin and Gavin can always be found holding their own mini-practices nearby.