We got out in nature at the San Elijo Lagoon and made some friends in the process. We met a desert tortoise named Franklin who loved to have his shell pet. They also had some cool snakes and other creatures in the nature center to look at.

A giant green beetle also tried to be Aliciana’s friend. First he landed in her hair, and after I picked him out, he flew off, made a circle, and landed on her side. Once I picked him off again, he decided to go bother someone else.


Gavin was busy at a birthday party, so Connor and I went out together to the Safari Park. We watched the new baby tiger cubs get fed. It was World Rhino Day, so we made sure to go say hello to them. We also spent some time with the goats, brushing them. A big woolly sheep wanted in on the brush action too.


The boys and I went for a nice hike over the pedestrian bridge and along the shore of Lake Hodges. The boys took a break along the way to try their hand at grinding acorns.

Besides seeing lizards and birds, we also ran across some mule deers, which walked out of some brush. Unfortunately, they ran back into cover before I could snap a photo.


The therapy dogs from Helen Woodward Animal Center visited the first graders on Remember Me Thursday, a day aimed at raising awareness about orphaned animals and pet adoption. Aliciana was on hand to take some photos of the kids and their furry visitors.