We all felt like we were on top of the world at Double Peak Park in San Marcos. The views were amazing and it was nice to get out and hike in some nature.


We spent a beautiful day at the Cabrillo National Monument. The boys enjoyed doing the Junior Ranger program, where they learned about the “discovery” of San Diego Bay (the Kumeyaay people were already here), old Spanish ships and Conquistador armaments, and daily life in the old lighthouse.


Connor had a blast during his first soccer game of the season! The boys on the team picked their name: The Dinosaurs.


Gavin is playing fall ball this season, which is the off-season so they don’t use MLB team names. His team decided to be the Red TNT.

This is Gavin’s first time playing kid pitch (AA level at our Little League). He did well during his first game and is looking forward to learning how to pitch.


Connor playing soccer:


Gavin did a great job pitching his first inning ever!

Gavin throwing a strike:


Connor got awarded a “Trustworthiness Character Counts Pillar” award during the monthly school assembly. Way to go Connor!


The dinosaurs had their new team banner on display today. Unfortunately, Connor’s name was misspelled, but there wasn’t much we could do about that.



Gavin was off at a Padres game with a buddy of his, so Connor and I had a day together at Legoland. He had a blast getting to choose everything we did and getting all the attention 😉