We are spending a long weekend in San Diego in order to taste test the food for our wedding reception. We spent today hanging out with Aliciana’s family and trying to remain sane while dealing with her nephews. Their amount of energy never ceases to amaze me. It is quite a shock to your system when you go from hanging out in a nice quiet apartment at home to being surrounded by 4 little children who are screaming, running around, causing trouble, and using your body as a jungle gym. I had lots of fun with them once I adjusted… but I am glad I don’t have to deal with this level of noise all the time.


After tasting the food that we are going to serve at our wedding reception we took a look at the banquet room the event is going to take place in. The first photo located below is of the the center piece that will be on all the tables. The next 3 photos are of the actual banquet room, which was setup for an event taking place later in the day. The last photo is of the patio that guests will be able to hang out on until the banquet room doors are open at 6:00 pm for the reception. That patio is also ours to use as the evening events go on until midnight (maybe even 1:00 am if anyone can make it that long).


Yesterday, while in the local Barnes & Noble killing some time before lunch, I finally remembered to look up what type of bird this is:

It turns out to be a “Green Heron”, so now I have a type to put with the bird. I have seem him a lot lately, usually fishing for crawfish in the pond by my apartment. He is quite fun to watch because his actions seem quite erratic to us humans, hence the name “Crazy Bird”. More info on his species can be found here.