By Aliciana:
The kids love taking pictures.


By Aliciana:


By Aliciana:
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!!! We celebrated the day with family and friends with a party at home. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor party. And it was great to see and spend time with people that I have not seen in a while.


By Aliciana:

Day after the big party. Wow, were we all tired. We spent the day laying around.


By Aliciana:

Kristel and I were brave enough to take the four older boys to the San Diego Zoo. This was Marco and Cesar’s first time to the zoo. We all had a fun time and I enjoyed spending time with my nephews.


By Aliciana:
I took a few pictures of the passion plant at my parent’s house. Chris was wondering what the flower and its fruit looked like. Also took a couple of pictures of Mount St. Helens from the airplane.



Looking at some pretty flowers during my last get away before I start my new job.


The family and I traveled down to San Diego to celebrate little Jesse and Angelina’s birthdays. Gavin enjoyed his time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and crazy cousins.



We spent a three day weekend in San Luis Obispo to show Gavin around our old stomping grounds. It is amazing how much they have built at Cal Poly since I last visited! We also visited Pismo, Avila, and Morro Bay… lots of walks on various piers for Gavin.


We spent part of the last day of our central coast mini vacation at Avila. There must have been a large school of fish in the water of the bay. The pelicans were dive bombing into the water and the seals were swimming all around the pier. Quite a show mother nature put on for Gavin, Aliciana, and me.