The Midway aircraft carrier is an engineering marvel. We spent the entire day exploring the ship, and still didn’t make it to all the areas open to the public. My Grandpa Ladd would have absolutely loved it, and I couldn’t help but think about him as I weaved my way through the bowels of this floating city.


The boys showed me the new Komodo Kingdom habitat, which I hadn’t seen yet. Then we walked around the southern side of the zoo, seeing some animals we hadn’t seen in a while.


Connor showed off his homemade Wander Franco costume at his school’s Halloween parade, which the parents viewed from the parking lot.

Later that evening, Gavin dressed up as Shohei Ohtani for the school’s Autumn festival, which we all attended. He ran off with some friends, so I never ended up getting a photo of him.


It had been years since we had visited Birch Aquarium, so today we visited the fish. It is very hard to get good photos in a pitch black aquarium though inches thick plexiglass. But, I did my best.