My mom wanted photos of the entire family, since it has been so long since we were all at the same place. Then we had a BBQ and celebrated Zander’s birthday.


My parents showed us their zoo, where we got to meet one of the elephants during feeding time. The zoo in Portland is the perfect size for a nice afternoon visit.


We learned a lot of Oregon history at the site of the first provisional government on the West Coast… before a flood washed away the town. There was a nice trail along the river where we hiked and ate wild blackberries.


Smoke filled the bowl that the lake sits in, so it wasn’t beautiful like it should have been. We’ll have to visit again when the world isn’t on fire.


A beautiful day for a hike along the bay, and to learn about the big guns that defended it during WWII.


Summer is officially over. Connor has Mr “B” (Betschel) for 5th grade, and Gavin is back at Oak Valley for 8th. Both are kings of the campus this year.


A thick layer of clouds kept the temperature much cooler than normal, as we walked around the Safari Park visiting the animals.