We spent our first day on the Central Coast at Pismo’s Monarch Grove, before heading to San Luis Obispo to walk around downtown. There weren’t many butterflies left; most had moved on. The best time to see the monarchs is in November and December. Still, it was a beautiful day.

I also caught a great picture of a Great Blue Heron looking for lunch.


Luck wasn’t on our side today. We spent the afternoon fishing off of the Cayucos Pier, but the fish weren’t biting. In the evening, we watched the Cal Poly baseball home opener, which they unfortunately lost to Pepperdine.


The world was all laid out before us when we made it to the top of Murray Hill, where we could see all of San Luis Obispo, Edna Valley, and even the Pismo dunes.

The entire 5.3 mile Reservoir Canyon Loop took us about 5 hours to complete, but the view along the ridge was totally worth it.


My boys got to experience Hearst Castle for the first time, when we took them on the Grand Rooms tour.

There was a good movie we watched about Hearst before catching the bus up the mountain for our tour. The views from on top of the mountain were amazing. The boys liked the outside grounds and pools more than the inside of the main house.