The rain managed to hold off long enough for the Little League opening day ceremonies to take place in the morning. Tony Gwynn Jr. gave the opening day remarks and all the teams got to parade around the field.

Connor was supposed to have his first game, but the rain started in the afternoon and didn’t stop. So, his game was rained out.


Connor had fun during his first game, playing the Dodgers. The Single A level is tough on all the boys who moved up from tee-ball, because they have to get use to hitting off of a pitching machine.

Gavin’s game wasn’t until the evening, so I didn’t get any photos. He had a great game, crushing a double and getting 3 strike-outs during 1 and 2/3rds innings pitched.


Connor got to play catcher today in his game. He was excited to put on the battle armor.

Gavin had a game as well, but it was too late to get good photos. Plus, I was busy being score keeper for the game.


During Connor’s game, he ended up running to home even though he was supposed to stop at third (Single A rules). He said he was Jackie Robinson because he stole home. The coaches let him have it.

Gavin’s team finally one their first game, which was against the Tin Caps. The team is starting to learn how to play together.


Aliciana was on-hand most the day to help at the Fun Run and take photos. The boys looked exhausted running all those laps.

Connor ran 56 laps (3.5 miles) and Gavin ran 73 laps (4.56 miles)!