Eddie and Sally took the entire Loera clan to Disney California Adventure to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Everyone had a blast! Besides riding great rides like Radiator Springs Racers, the kids also got to meet Captain America, walk around with Thor while he searched for Loki, and train to be agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Disney photographers also took lots of photos throughout our fun day. In the last group photo, they managed to capture all 17 of us looking at the camera:


It is hard to believe so much tar and fossils exist practically right in downtown LA. We all learned a lot about ice age animals and the boys enjoyed seeing all the skeletons, such as saber-tooth cats and mammoths.

We also went on a walking tour of the tar pits: learning how they formed, how animals got trapped in them, and how they were (and still are) excavated.


My boys were super excited to start school, so they could see all their friends again. Gavin is starting 4th grade with Mrs Bivin. Connor is a big 1st grader and has Mrs Dastrup. I’m sure we are all going to have a great year!