My sister and her family were in San Diego on summer vacation. We all had a fun day seeing the animals at the zoo.

Friendly zoo penguin:


We spent our 4th of July having fun at Legoland. We saw the new One World Trade Center skyscraper unveiled in Miniland. The boys had a blast doing a special 4th of July scavenger hunt. After hanging out all day, we were treated to a fireworks show after the sun went down.

Legoland helicopter ride:



We made a trip to Bakersfield so the boys could visit with their great-grandma. My brother Nick was also in town visiting, having flew all the way from New York City. The boys loved playing with their uncle and showing him all the fun they have on their tablets.


After spending a few days in Bakersfield, we headed over to the coast to spend a few days in San Luis Obispo. You can’t beat a tri-tip sandwich at Firestone Grill for dinner.


We started off our day walking around the Cal Poly campus. The boys were interested in seeing where we had gone to college. It is amazing how many new buildings have been built since we graduated. The new Baker Math and Science building is very impressive!

After having lunch at Tiki Hut, an old favorite of Aliciana’s and mine, we drove up Highway 1 to Morro Bay. The boys explored the beach around Morro Rock and we saw a bunch of sea otters chill’n in the bay. Then we continued up the coast and hung out on the Cayucos pier.

We had dinner at Klondike Pizza in Arroyo Grande, another favorite of ours. It was the first time we have taken the boys, and they dug the crazy Alaskan atmosphere. Their favorite part was eating peanuts and getting to throw the shells on the floor.

After dinner, we finished up our day playing at Dinosaur Caves Park in Shell Beach while enjoying the beautiful ocean views.


We spent the whole day having fun with our imaginations at the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum. Unfortunately, Connor was feeling a little under the weather, but he still managed to have some fun.


Before heading back to Bakersfield, we couldn’t leave the coast without a stop to see the elephant seals. They like to come ashore just north of San Simeon. It was Connor’s first time seeing the beasts, and both boys were impressed.


Just some random photos taken while enjoying Grandma’s beautiful backyard.


My parents drove down from Portland, OR with their RV in order to visit us and Grandma. The boys love hanging out with their little uncle and aunt, AJ and Michaela.

The boys showed off their newly acquired swimming skills in the RV park my parents were staying at. After they had enough of the water, we all headed over to visit with Grandma.


Some photos of our family that were taken while we were all hanging out with Grandma.