We decided to open our gifts from the Seattle Ladd/Quan clan before heading out tomorrow to San Diego. Gavin enjoyed opening his book and shirts. Aliciana got some rubber stamps and a photo holder which she will surely put to good use soon.

I was gifted with a new book “Building Scalable Web Sites” which I have had my eye on for a while. I am looking forward to starting it once I finish “Programming Collective Intelligence“. Yes Jessie, I am quite a geek. Also got a penguin ornament to add to the tree.

Some photos below of Gavin enjoying his first Christmas presents. I got some crappy green lens flares on the last few photos that otherwise look pretty cool. Nick, any idea how I can prevent this suckage in the future? Was it the UV filter I had on the lens? Or was it because I was shooting 800 ISO and the Christmas tree has tons of lights? I really need to get a book on photography… I can’t blame ruining perfect shots on my camera anymore.