The outer insulation is installed and the outside is all ready to be stuccoed. Drywall is stacked throughout the house so that should go up soon too.


Our house is starting to look like a real structure! The walls are filled with fuzzy pink insulation and skinned with drywall. Hopefully it will be completed in 5 weeks.


The gaps and holes in the drywall are now pasted up. The outside is also ready to have the stucco sprayed on it. Aaron and Mel were in town so we brought them by the house to have a look.


Aliciana and I checked out the Kern County Fair and got to witness the spectacle of wiener dog races. While not as majestic as a greyhound, what these dogs lack in speed they make up in heart. I have never seen so many wiener dogs in my life!

We also saw the usual collection of cows, goats, horses, and collections of everyone’s crap. Check out the photos below for a view of the car wash for cows… what I like to think as a “cow wash”.


The tiles have been put in place on the roof and our house now has doors throughout its insides. It is going to be ours on November 10th!