Aliciana and I took my Grandma’s new puppy, Sandy, out for a walk because it was such a beautiful day. After the walk, I decided to take some photos of Sandy because he is just so cute. He is a 4 month old miniature poodle and has so much fluffy fur he looks like a giant cotton ball. He is a very good puppy and very affectionate. It is commonly known that a picture is work a thousand words, so here is 10,000 worth:


Below is a small script I wrote to make a copy of an audio CD under Linux. Simply place a blank CD in the burner, the CD to copy in your second CD/DVD drive, and run the script. I am sure there are tons of scripts like this out there on the net, but I decided to contribute mine anyways, mainly because I feel it is clean, concise, and the best way to copy an audio CD. You will need to edit the device’s (/dev/hdb, /dev/hdd, etc) to match your computer setup. BTW, only use this script to copy CDs you already legally own… or else the RIAA will throw lawyers at me. Here is the script:

cd /tmp
cdparanoia -w -d /dev/hdd -B
cdrecord -v dev=/dev/hdb speed=40 driveropts=burnfree -pad -audio track*.wav
rm -f track*.wav 
eject hdb
eject hdd


I tagged along with Aliciana on her business trip to Concord, California this week. I figured it would be nice to wander around the town while she actually worked for a living. Plus, because I am looking for a job, it might be my last chance to get out of town until the wedding. On the way into the hotel, I passed this duck that was hanging out in front. He posed for me, so I had to take his picture.


I took a day trip around Mt. Diablo State Park, which is near Walnut Creek and Concord. It was a beautiful drive all the way up to the summit of the mountain. On the very top of the mountain there is a little building that was used as a lookout post. The views from the top were breathtaking. Way off in the distance I could barely make out the Golden Gate Bridge through the haze.


All of the Ladd family gathered at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for our traditional Easter Sunday gathering. It was a good time that was filled with great food and company.

Almost the whole family was able to make it. Brianna and Brian couldn’t come because Brian was in the hospital (get well soon!). Doug was also missing due to a cold. My parents and sister also couldn’t make the trip from Las Vegas.