Yesterday Aliciana and I drive to San Luis Obispo for the day to do some errands. We also got a chance to visit my Brother Nick, his main squeeze Jessie, their puppy Zeus, my best friend Aaron, his new fiance Melinda, and Kali the cat. We had a great time catching up with everyone. We ended up going and having a good Chinese food dinner and then dessert at TCBY. Even though I couldn’t eat dessert because of my diet, I still had a great time hanging out and talking. We will have to definitely make a trip to SLO a common occasion, maybe even a monthly event if Aliciana isn’t too busy being a full time worker.


We ended up doing a lot on our short trip. Aliciana and I got to ride on the gondola in front of the Venetian Hotel for free. Thanks for hooking us up Courtney! It was a cool experience but there is no way it is worth $50. The ride was 10 minutes long and the gondolier sang us 2 songs. We even ended up getting the $15 photograph at the end for free because they forgot to take it at the beginning.

While we were in Las Vegas we also celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday. Congratulations for making it a half century mom! Overall it was a good trip, but it seemed short. Hopefully we can make it back to Las Vegas sometime in the next year. Aliciana started her new job last Monday, so we won’t be able to travel as much as we have been in the past.



Aliciana and I were in Sacramento and neighboring Davis to celebrate the marriage of Angela Lee and Durin Linderholm. It was a beautiful ceremony at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Davis. After the ceremony we headed off for the reception in Sacramento at the Sterling Hotel.

The reception was quite a festive event, as is to be expected. We had a delicious lunch and got to catch up with some old college friends. But, I think the most memorable image that will stick in my head is the giant smiles on both Angela and Durin’s faces. They were happier than I have ever seen them and I hope they have many more happy days to come.

Seeing what a wonderful day their wedding was makes me long for my own wedding even more.